Budget Video Rentals

"What's your budget?" We will help you meet or beat it. Mini DV, DVCAM, Beta, DigiBeta, HD, 24P, both PAL and NTSC. Multi-camera, Underwater, Time-lapse, Reality TV, and audio. You will be 100% satisfied!


Budget Video Repair

Need Repairs? We repair most Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and JVC camcorders. All repairs done in house. All work guaranteed!


Production Props

Anything film, video, TV, lighting related you need as props we can supply. 15 Betacams, 20 still cameras, 3 Studio Cameras. You name it, we have it!


Video Audio Devices

We buy, sell and trade new and used video, audio and production equipment! We will also purchase your video and production gear outright.


Multi Camera Production

We offer the absolute best deal, gear, and crew (yours or ours) for whatever you want to shoot. Live or live to tape. All broadcast gear and nothing less. Our flypaks are fast and the best.


Dream Guild

We created our web and graphic design, printing and business development division to do the best that can be done ON TIME. Our creative team designs logos, trademarks, corporate identities and more.


SuperGroup International

Welcome to SuperGroup, a family of media creation all under one roof designed to meet your full spectrum of needs. Every service comes with our 100% best rate, and satisfaction Guarantee!


Budget Grip and Lighting

Grip and Lighting Our sister site dedicated to dollies, jibs, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Arri, and more...


Digitizing World

Transfer your VHS, Beta, and Film reels to DVD and Blu-Ray. Digitize your audio cassettes, and 8-Tracks. Scan your 35mm slides and negatives to DVD or hard drive. We work with all consumer and professional tape formats. All work done in house.


Dubs And Dupes

One to a million copies on DVD, VHS, Beta, DV, CD, PAL or NTSC. We will beat any duplication price, delivery schedule, AND customer care. Standards Conversion including all video formats worldwide. You can edit on AVID or Final Cut here.


Tape Stock After Hours

Anything film, video, TV, lighting related you need as props we can supply. 15 Betacams, 20 still cameras, 3 Studio Cameras. You name it, we have it!


Auction Setup

We do EBAY for you! Our expert teams photograph, list, and SELL your goods on eBay! See our feedback. We get you more $$$ than you can get on your own! Guaranteed!


Infomercial Team

The Informercial Team brings, as a group, almost 100 years of television production experience to the making of infomercials. From conception to postproduction, the Infomercial Team delivers the highest quality infomercial product for your budget.


PAL America

We offer any size PAL production, Digi Beta, Beta, DV, dubbing, replication, duplication and conversion. Need something shot and or edited in PAL? PAL America is your complete PAL solution.